Families and Gender

The Families and Gender Research Stream aims to continue Hungarian social science research traditions as well as to make previously under-represented yet socially relevant issues in Hungarian sociology more accessible in the following research areas: 

Family practices, family communication management; 
Changing family structures, reflected by multi-generational family panel surveys; 
Family sociology and demographic theories and trends;
Factors determining childbearing, childrearing and childlessness;
Intergenerational solidarity in ageing societies;
WLB (work-life balance), work-family balance issues;
Gendered discrimination, including LGBTQ+ discrimination; 
Gender-related violence, including domestic and intimate partner violence;
Women’s participation in science and public life;
Personal networks, friendship relations;
Parenthood: changing norms, roles and practices;
Gender norms and roles: cultural representations, historical changes.

Leader: TAKÁCS Judit

Team members: ACSÁDY Judit, ALBERT Fruzsina, CSURGÓ Bernadett, DÁVID Beáta, DUPCSIK Csaba, KRISTÓF Luca, MEDGYESI Márton, NEMÉNYI Mária, P.TÓTH Tamás, PAKSI Veronika, TAKÁCS Judit, TÓTH Olga, VAJDA Róza

External members: HEGEDŰS Réka