Events :: Research group on sustainable well-being in ageing societies

Upcoming events:

  • Achim Kemmerling: What Pariahs can Teach Us: The Political Economy of Adopting and Abolishing Private Pensions. 11 December, 1p.m. >> More information

Past events:

  • Section on intergenerational conflicts and possible remedies at Science Day Conference of HAS Center for Social Sciences, 11 November 2014
  • András Jakab: Sustainability as a Constitutional Principle
    11 September, 2014
  • Róbert Iván Gál (KSH Népességtudományi Kutatóintézet):
    The age-profile of invisible transfers:
    The true size of asymmetry in inter-age reallocations 
    7 November 2013, 13h
  • Márton Medgyesi: Sustainable well-being in ageing societies
    Presentation of the research project at the Science Day Conference of HAS, Center of Social Sciences, 21 November 2013
  • Attila Bartha: Can we borrow policies from Nordic countries?
    Crisis-induced welfare reform trajectories in vulnerable European societies
    28 November 2013
  • Debate on the article by Attila Bartha: Can we borrow policies from Nordic countries?
    16 January, 2014 15h
  • András Tóth:
    Role of Political Ideologies and Political Strategies in Formation of Pension Systems and Pension Reforms
    20 February 2014, 13h
  • Csaba Makó:
    Increasing Labour Market Participation and Sustainable Competitiveness
    27 March 2014, 13h
  • Márton Medgyesi:
    Control over incomes and spending decisions of youth living with parents
    29 April 2014, 13h

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