Tackling poverty and inequality through the tax system. Guest lecture by Adrian Sinfield

   18th September 2018

1 p.m., 18 September, 2018

Institute for Sociology, CSS HAS, Meeting room (B.1.15, Budapest 9, Tóth Kálmán u. 4.)

While there is constant examination and debate of the costs and impact of public expenditure, the many ways in which policies are run through the tax system have been much neglected. What can we learn from similar scrutiny of tax expenditure and its impact on the distribution of resources throughout society? What strategies can contribute to socially inclusive development that helps to prevent poverty and contain inequalities? 

Comments by Zsuzsa Ferge, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Professor Emerita of the Eötvös University of Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences. 

Adrian Sinfield, Professor Emeritus of Social Policy, University of Edinburgh, has worked on social security, poverty, unemployment and the social division of welfare. Past chair and president of the Social Policy Association, he received its first lifetime achievement award. Co-founder of the Unemployment Unit and chair for its first ten years, he was vice-chair of the Child Poverty Action Group for eight years. Prof. Sinfield holds an honorary doctorate from Eötvös University of Sciences.

The slides of Adrian Sinfield's lecture in English and in Hungarian (pdf)

The slides of Zsuzsa Ferge's comments (pdf)

Photos taken at the event (Flickr)