Civil Society for Sustainability

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn

Head Researcher (Insitute of Sociology, HAS)

Vári, Anna


Dr. André Reichel, Dialogik gGmbH, Stuttgart, Németország

Consortium members

  • KoUNW, Ulm, Németország -Joa Bauer
  • Mutadis, Páris, Franciaország - Gilles Heriard Dubreuil
  • REC Slovenia, Ljubljana, Szlovénia - Milena Marega
  • Energia Klub, Budapest, Magyarország - Csikai- Mária


Participants (Insitute of Sociology, HAS)

Vári, Anna

Ferencz, Zoltán

The research 

Joint research project of environmental civil society organisations and academic research organisations. From the side of civil society organisations, effective ways to reach ecological and sustainable goals efficiently, together with the possibility to evaluate their activities are demanded from sustainability research. The project is aimed at finding a holistic understanding, including generalisable action-guiding instruments, and thus overcoming the lack in institutional embeddedness of civil society organisations.

Website of the research