Against Homophobia. European Local Administration Devices (AHEAD)

Project Leader

Barcelona City Council

Head of Research (IS HAS)

Takács, Judit


Gigi Guizzo, Barcelona City Council, Civil Rights Directorate


  • Local Government of Barcelona, Spain
  • Local Government of Torino, Italy

  • Local Government of Köln, Germany

  • University of Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Torino, Italy

  • University of Brunel, UK

  • Creació d’Estudis i Projectes Socials, Barcelona, Spain

Participants (IS HAS)

Takács, Judit

The research

AHEAD is a project co-funded by the Directorate of Fundamental Rights and Citizenship of the European Commission. The partners taking part in the project are the City Councils of Barcelona, Turin and Köln, the Public Policies and Government Institute (Autonomous University of Barcelona), the Research Centre for Women and Gender Studies (University of Turin), the Institute of Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Centre for Youth Work Studies (University of Brunel) and the association Creació d’Estudis i Projectes Socials. The main aim of this project is the elaboration of a White Book which collects recommendations and good practices in order to foster local public policies oriented to fight discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. In order to elaborate the White Book, we are asking for the collaboration of local administrations from EU countries. Specifically, we are collecting experiences of actions, methodologies (procedures, processes or the creation of structures) or tools carried out by a local government – or a network of administrations - addressed to reduce discrimination against lesbian, gay, trans and bisexual (LGTB) people.