The application of big data and natural language processing in the social sciences

The digital revolution and, at the same time, the digitalization of society have opened up new areas for social science research. The special characteristics of computational social research challenge social scientists, but it also provides a lot of opportunities. Nevertheless, this field of science is still very young (since such a degree of digitalization has not been available for a long time), so it has many unexplored areas and also untapped potential. In my research I would like to deal with the unexplored areas of computational social science. My goal is to conduct research on science theory, research methodology and thematical social analysis, which illustrate the possibilities of researching big data in social sciences. Since a significant part of these data - especially those that are in the focus of the interest of social scientists - is textual in nature, automated text analysis and the methods of natural language processing (NLP) is not omissible.