Research Department for Social Integration and Social Policy

Researchers at the Research Department for Social Integration and Social Policy examine the income, spatial and value stratification trends of contemporary Hungarian society, the impact of certain social policy issues on stratification and wellbeing in an international context. The goal of their work is, besides internationally acknowledged basic research results, to provide the general public and government actors with directly utilisable information.

Head of Department: Kovách, Imre

Research fellows of the department:

Antal Z., László

Bagyura, Márton

Balázs, András

Balogh, Karolina

Csizmady, Adrienne (Director)

Csurgó, Bernadett

Ferencz, Zoltán

Gerő, Márton

Győri, Ágnes

Hajdu, Gábor

Huszár, Ákos

Illéssy, Miklós

Kőszeghy, Lea

Kristóf, Luca

Megyesi, Boldizsár

Olt, Gergely

Palaczki, Botond